What’s so special about POMP ?

While most stools in private areas often only are there to put your feet up, because you can usually hardly sit on them, POMP is different.

The wooden body is lightly upholstered with a cover made of thick cow hide. The height of a normal chair makes it easy to use as a stool, as an additional chair at the guest table, at the desk, in the hallway, in the bathroom or even as a bedstand.

The minimalistic and elegant design makes it fit into any interior – with our suitable trays the stool becomes a practical side table !

In addition to our original POMP we created some more products: the counter stool (ideal e.g. for the kitchen) and our POMP bench (as a bed bench, in the hallway, at the dining table, …)

And POMP is also very useful in the public and in the commercial sector: In waiting areas, in offices as a “colleague’s chair”, at the point of sale, in changing rooms, in gastronomy, and much more…

With an edge length of 33cm at the seating and the seat height of 47.5 cm, the standard POMP has the height of a normal chair – POMP is so to say a chair without a seat back.

The seat is framed by a double decorative stitching. The vertical stitchings sit exactly on the vertical edges – this is more difficult to ensure than one might think – but extremely important for the classy appearance.

The POMP stands on plastic sliders which can be used without felt on carpeted floors or with felt for hard floors such as tiled floor, parquet or laminate.

The POMP flag proves that you have a real POMP in your hands.

POMP BASIC is in no way inferior to the POMP ORIGINAL: same dimensions, same comfort and, of course, high-quality manufacturing. For the price-sensitive customer we made everything a little “lighter” and more simple for POMP BASIC.

The body is stable, but made with an inner lighter material. The upholstery is artificial leather ( or felt ) that is hardly distinguishable from real leather. Some customers prefer this material as “vegan leather” even over real cowhide.

Not all embroideries are the same. Our embroideries are created on the computer, but all are carefully reworked by hand. This process is essential for the optical quality of the finished embroidery: clean color gradients, well-made transitions and clear demarcations. So your logo shines in perfect clarity.