What’s POMP branded?

POMP BRANDED is the individually “ennobled” version of POMP BASIC – with high-quality embroidery, we design POMP exactly according to your ideas. The look can be “elegant & discreet” or “flashy & striking”, according to your specifications for the intended purpose.

This purpose can be very diverse:

  • in your own premises as a discreet piece of furniture with corporate design
  • in external rooms as a corporate claim for your company
  • as a giveaway for special customers, employees and partners
  • as gifts instead of discounts
  • as a sales item in your brand shop

The highlight is the individual embroidery, for example with your company logo: discreet or striking, the neutral POMP BASIC becomes a corporate claim for your company. As a giveaway or discount it is just as useful as in the cross-marketing. For example, you can offer stools in other showrooms and at the same time discreetly promote your company.

Just like for our POMP BASIC, additional advertising banners can also be attached to all POMP BRANDED. So you can place more information and advertising slogans – the banners are available from € 2.50/pc.

POMP BRANDED can be used in many different ways – an attractive object version without missing any comfort or design. With the advertising banners, POMP becomes an advertising column that you can sit on.

The dimensions are the same as for all POMP stools. POMP BRANDED has the same construction as our POMP BASIC and is produced by an European manufacturer certified by us. We use robust artificial leather or felt for upholstery.

POMP is a much underestimated all-rounder: there are interior designers, shop designers and creative people who have already recognized the potential and are using POMP in most projects.

But the possibilities are diverse. Be brave and use POMP in your next project, there is no risk: everybody loves POMP and is grateful for a discreet seat option.

With its three product lines ORIGINAL, BASIC and BRANDED, POMP is extremely versatile. POMP ORIGINAL with real leather has always been sold by high-class furniture stores for customers in the private sector. But also commercial customers such as hotels, restaurants and retailers have often counted on the premium quality. Shoe stores with high-quality leather shoes, for example, would prefer it to artificial leather

In other cases, price sensitivity is higher, so with POMP BASIC we can also comply these requirements without losing the POMP characteristics. POMP BRANDED moves individuality to the front and is low priced at the same time.

We have the certificates for areas sensitive to fire protection such as airports.

In a certain quantity, we can also realize other shapes colors, sizes and materials – just ask us about it.

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