POMP is simple, plain and minimalistic in its design. The timeless design is reminiscent of the Bauhaus tradition and fits perfectly into any interior style. From the student apartment to the designer loft, POMP fits everywhere.

Our timeless classics are the POMP ORIGINAL in black or brown real leather. These colors work in almost every color furnishing. The fact that POMP does not present any other materials means that no adaptation to existing types of wood and materials is necessary. And if you like to play a bit with colors in your interior, you can choose from the many other colors and materials available.

We intentionally chose the chair height of 47.5 cm as an ergonomic height. In combination with the solid upholstery and the stable wooden body, POMP offers the comfort of a chair without visually dominating the room. The discreet design combined with high quality makes a POMP look good at your home even after many years.

Even though POMP appears simple in its cubic form, this leaves us with challenging tasks in production: our quality inspection covers over 87 points. If, for example, even one stitching is slightly “crooked”, the whole POMP immediately looks “crooked” … (although the function or durability would not be effected). With so-called “casual” upholstered leather sofas, the (optical) tolerance is significantly higher. POMP ORIGINAL is a premium product for the sophisticated person without being unaffordable – luxury that everyone should afford.

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